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What do you do if the new TV you bought stops working or your new stereo goes on the blink? Who do you turn to for help?

One option is the Electronic Industries Association, 2001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20006-1813. The phone number is (202) 457-4900.The Association will contact the manufacturer of the defective item and attempt to mediate a solution. The association handles complaints on home entertainment products such as TVs, radios, stereos, audio components, video systems, tape and cassette recorders, hand calculators, video cassette recorders, compact disc players, personal computers, personal telephones, car audio products and accessory products.

Before contacting the association, however, you should first try to resolve the complaint with the retailer or servicing dealer. If that doesn't work, contact the manufacturer whose address is on the warranty card.

If you feel the manufacturer has not adequately investigated the case or responded in a reasonable amount of time, write to the Office of Consumer Affairs of the Electronic Industries Association.

The Association will also take complaints by phone.

Include the following information in your complaint:

Your name, address and phone number; brand name, model number and serial number of the product; date of purchase; dealer's name and address and name of contact there, if possible; a brief, concise statement of the problem; service history and copies of all invoices or work orders that should be itemized so that labor charges, cost of replacement parts, etc. are easily discernible; what solution you would like to the problem.

The Association will send you a personal reply and your complaint is forwarded to the manufacturer. The Association follows each case to its conclusion.