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Why shouldn't kids have to pay for the extras in education, especially high school students? They won't get any free handouts when they get into college.

I couldn't afford the frills for my kids, either, but they went out and found part-time jobs. They learned to budget their time, money and studies. They had to make priorities for the important things they wanted, and they appreciated it more.The schools provide a lot of things that don't belong in the schools, such as driver education. The kids would have to pay a lot more than $20 if they had to take private driver's training.

As for all the extracurricular activities, including sports, that's just what they are - extras, and kids should pay for those things that are important to them.

Why add more taxes to an already overburdened system? Life is not a handout. We should cut back on the extras or be willing to pay for them.

J. Jackson

Salt Lake City