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An incentive plan has been drafted to attract a new economic development director to Box Elder County when current director, Robert Valentine, retires from the position in January 1993.

Rick Pizza, Box Elder County Economic Development Board representative, said an associate director would be hired to be trained as director at a salary comparable to that of the current director. The current director would remain for up to 12 months to train the associate director, asking compensation for expenses only. He could bill for services over 20 hours per week.Incentive pay could start in either January of 1993 or 1994, based on the commission's wishes. Basically, the proposed incentives would allow for a 2 percent bonus for each 50 jobs added in Box Elder County, up to 500 jobs, based on Job Service's annual report: a 1 percent to 2 percent bonus for each outstanding/superior rating by major county employers, including Thiokol and Nucor; and a possible 9 percent to 18 percent award granted by the approval of the board based on exceptional achievement.

Commissioners expressed concerns about the proposal, fearing too many dollars could be drained from an already stressed budget. "It sounds pretty scary to me," said Commission Chairman James White.

All three commissioners voiced their support for the Economic Development Office and its place in the county. Commissioner Allen Jensen, however, who has been vocal in the past regarding that office's expenses, urged the other commissioners to take a long look at the existing office. He said that, among other things, he would like to see Economic Development moved back to the courthouse in order to save money. He cited as an example 128 recent long-distance phone calls that could have been made less expensively through existing courthouse lines if the office was located in the courthouse.

Commissioners agreed to look at the Economic Development Board's proposal and present their answer.