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In an effort to get emergency service personnel to problem areas faster, two south-central Utah electrical cooperatives have announced designated telephone numbers to call after hours or on weekends and holidays to report power outages.

Garkane Power Association consumers living in Wayne, Piute, Garfield and Sevier counties can call the 911 telephone number if unable to contact a Garkane standby official. The cooperative's standby personnel will be paged by the Sevier County sheriff's office.In Millard County, the number 743-6214 has been designated by the Flowell Electric Association, which has customers in Fillmore, Holden, Meadow, Kanosh and Flowell.

"Whenever electric power lines are involved, there is always the potential for accidents if hazards are not reported and corrected in an expeditious fashion," said Carl Albrecht, Garkane assistant manager. He praised the sheriff's department for willingness to help accelerate response time in emergency situations.

"We certainly want our customers to know the 911 system is accessible for reporting interruptions in their electric service, but they should do so only after all other attempts to contact Garkane offices or standby personnel have been unsuccessful," Albrecht added.

Another option for reporting interruptions other than during normal business hours is to call the Garkane office in Loa, Wayne County, at 836-2795. An answering system will inform callers of the number for the standby lineman. Albrecht said the names, addresses and telephone numbers of callers using the 911 number will be relayed to a standby lineman.

Flowell Electric officials said equipment used for power outage calls other than during regular office hours will automatically connect the call to a portable radio and an employee who is on duty. At least seven rings are required to activate the telephone interconnect, so callers are advised not to hang up quickly. Also, because it is radio, only one person can talk at a time.

Flowell employees in specific areas may also be called if it is felt that a faster response might occur. These include Ralph Robinson in Flowell, 753-6837; Vernon Christensen or Gordon Staples in Kanosh, 759-2481 or 759-2446; and Steve Iverson in Fillmore, 743-5336.