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While many Utah cities face drought, Springville residents have enjoyed an adequate water supply. And apparently most residents don't want that to change.

In complete but unofficial results, Springville voters overwhelmingly approved a $2.7 million bond Tuesday to replace the city's main waterline out of Hobble Creek Canyon. The line is more than 50 years old and is leaking more than 200,000 gallons of water each day."I think this shows that people know the value of water," City Recorder Richard Manning said.

City officials will use most of the money to replace the 16-inch line that brings water out of the canyon with a 24-inch line. Also, a new 2 million-gallon water tank will be built, and a line will be installed to the Spring Creek hydroelectric plant.

Officials say the project will more than double the city's water capacity and will meet the city's needs for several decades. Also, flow to the city's fire-protection system will increase, water pressure will increase and the Spring Creek hydroelectric plant will produce more power.

"We feel it's important to gain the benefits of this project now rather than wait 10 years," Manning said.

Officials will repay the bond over 15 years by assessing a fee on each water user's monthly bill. Originally, officials estimated the monthly assessment would be about $4.75. However, officials miscalculated growth and now say the monthly increase will be about $3.90.

Construction on the project should begin in the spring and be completed by next fall. As other water revenues become available, officials will complete several other planned improvements in the city's water system.