You no longer just have to read his lips about no new taxes. Now you can dance to a litany of President Bush's alleged flip-flops on the issues.

It's all in "Read My Lips," a droning number by "A Thousand Points of Night," that is being played on modern rock radio stations and hit the record stores.With club music pulsating in the background, the song features recordings of contradictory Bush statements on abortion, the recession and, of course, taxes.

"The underlying message is, if he changed his mind on these issues, what else will he do to get elected?" said Don Was, the creative force behind the recording. The Los Angeles-based producer has worked with Bob Dylan, the B-52s and Bonnie Raitt - all known for their political liberalism - and was a member of the group Was Not Was.

In fact, that group scored a No. 1 dance hit in 1981 with a song featuring recordings from Ronald Reagan's speeches.

"This is my version of canvassing door-to-door or stuffing envelopes," Was said. "It's a pretty clean indictment - we didn't change his statements."

How have radio audiences reacted? "We're in the D.C. market, so you have people from all walks of life listening to the station," said Robert Benjamin, program director for WHFS in Annapolis, Md.

"The Bush-Quayle people hated it. But a lot of people liked it," he said.