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There are well over 3,000 foreign students attending our colleges and universities. American companies are moving their operations out of the United States, leaving the American workers high and dry. Our colleges and universities are catering to the foreign students, leaving our own children high and dry.

Every politician hypes the importance of the children and gets elected. I guess the children are important until the elections are over and only until the children graduate from high school and then they are no longer important.The $50 million in the rainy-day fund would go a long way toward assuring 3,000 would-be Einsteins their chance to make the world a better place for themselves, their families and the rest of us.

Just for the record, our three children are through the educational system, having earned three bachelor's and two master's degrees. So why should I care? Well, I do care, and so should every person in this state.

Joseph C. Cwik

Cedar City