I am surprised that certain professors at BYU reportedly consider that the school is trying to control faculty behavior. BYU is not a secular institution. It should have been realized by all professors when hired that it is only to be expected that, inasmuch as they are teaching young, impressionable students and setting an example for them, they would conform strictly to church doctrine and university standards.

Each one is entitled to question to himself or herself why certain standards or doctrine are given, but as teachers, they do not have the right to try to influence their students not to accept doctrine and standards.I do not think that BYU professors are being harassed when they are expected to conform to school standards, nor is their free agency being taken away. They are free to leave BYU at any time and go to an institution where they may have the freedom they desire.

Sad to say, there are certain professors and leaders at the University of Utah, including former church officials, who seem to take delight in trying, and sometimes succeeding, to tear down the students' testimony by questioning or ridiculing certain church doctrine. I believe they will have their reward.

The questioning professors should think twice before putting their wisdom above God's or his agents.

Richard D. Rees

Salt Lake City