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Margaret Truman said Wednesday there are no similarities between President Bush and her father, Harry S. Truman, "in thought, word or deed."

Appearing in a taped interview on NBC's "Today," the former president's daughter reiterated many of the criticisms she has voiced about Bush comparing himself to her father. She referred to her father as a "Missouri farmer" and Bush as a "Connecticut elitist."Asked the differences between the two men, she said: "The major difference is night and day, my father being day and George Bush being night. George Bush is nothing like my father in the way he approaches things and the way he approaches the presidency. My father looked on the presidency as a very historic and honorable job that should be done to the best of his ability." And what about Bill Clinton also attempting to invoke the Truman mantle? "Fine," she said. Why? "Because I'm a Democrat and so is he."