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The 20 current and former Cincinnati Bengals accused in a civil suit of raping a Spokane woman or standing by while she was assaulted in 1990 have been identified by the woman's lawyers.

The federal court complaint says the plaintiff, described as a 98-pound mother of four, "was brutally and sadistically raped . . . over two hours, by 13 to 15 Bengal players who were two- to three-times her size" at a hotel where the team stayed while in town to play the Seattle Seahawks.The names were released Tuesday by Victoria Vreeland, a Seattle attorney representing the plaintiff, identified only as Victoria C.

There are 12 accused of rape in the complaint, which seeks damages for pain and suffering and damages to cover medical and psychological care.

Eight Cincinnati players were served with summonses Saturday after practicing at the Kingdome for a game with the Seahawks. They are Reggie Rembert, Rodney Holman, Eric Thomas, Barney Bussey, Tim McGee, Eric Ball, James Francis and Harold Green. Also named in the complaint are Lewis Billups, David Fulcher, Rickey Dixon, Craig Ogletree, Elbert "Ickey" Woods, Bernard Clark, Leo Barker, Craig Taylor, Solomon Wilcots, Mitchell Price, Eddie Brown and Carl Carter.