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Family values pay.

A new study by a Screen Actors Guild consultant shows that box office revenue is consistently better for movies rated G, PG or PG-13 than for those that are R-rated.Median domestic take for PG-rated flicks was $23.1 million last year, almost $6 million more than films with an R.

- UPSET - "Star Wars" creator George Lucas is moaning over a local government's reluctance to approve plans for a 56-acre, $55 million special-effects complex in Marin County, north of San Francisco.

"The county has pretty much always been hostile to us," Lucas said. "We've had other communities offer us all kinds of incentives."

Lucasfilm Ltd. pumps more than $50 million a year into the local economy, and Lucas says he'll be forced to move if he can't expand his facility.

- NOT WORRIED - It'll be Nicholson vs. Nicholson this winter as rival studios each schedule Jack Nicholson flicks for pre-Christmas release. 20th Century Fox ("Hoffa") and Columbia ("A Few Good Men") say they're not worried about possible confusion among filmgoers.