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A Brigham Young University associate professor is looking for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to participate in a national study that analyzes how they recover.

Ann Horton, author of three books on family violence, will publish an overview of this research in "Healing Adults Molested as Children: Clinical Intervention and Empowerment," published by Sage Publications.Horton invites survivors of child sexual abuse who define themselves as "recovered" or "healed" to assist in this study. All participants should be older than 18, and replies will be confidential.

To participate, or to obtain more information, call 1-800-89ABUSE (1800-892-2873). A return postage-paid questionnaire will be sent immediately upon request.

Horton and BYU associate professor of sociology Barry L. Johnson head a team of 11 investigators who are attempting to determine what strategies abuse victims have tried and how successfully they have recovered from their trauma.

"With one woman in three facing sexual abuse by age 18, this is a serious issue," Horton says. "This hidden crime is especially devastating, because the perpetrator is usually a family member or someone the victim knows."

"Unfortunately, the nightmare of abuse does not end when the victims leave home. These survivors often suffer the rest of their lives," she says. "Yet we know that recovery is possible, and our research is directed toward learning how they manage to recover."