Larsen Bennett hopes the secret to success for his newest Tommy's Burger is simplicity - a simple menu backed by a simple business philosophy.

Tommy's Burgers, 140 N. State, features burgers, fries and hot dogs. The hand-pressed burgers are topped with homemade chili made fresh daily and based on Bennett's own secret recipe."It's the sloppiest chili burger in town," Bennett said. As proof, the restaurant doesn't give patrons napkins; it gives them paper towels - by the yard.

Tommy's bakes its own hot dog buns daily and features pure beef hot dogs in natural casings from San Francisco.

Bennett's goal is to back his focused menu with quick, consistent service.

"If somebody wants a really good hot dog or burger and fries, and wants it quickly, that's what we do," he said. "We don't claim to be all things to all people. We just want to be one of the buttons on the radio dial (patrons) regularly push."

Bennett and business partner Howard Tanner opened the first Tommy's Burger in 1987 in Provo. The name comes from the moniker Bennett used when he worked in radio: Tom Walker.

Tanner went on to start his own fast-food restaurant in Orem, Howie's, which is famous for its rootbeer.

Bennett sold the Provo business in February; he agreed to let the new owner use the Tommy's name and offer the same "famous by noon tomorrow" menu.

Bennett plans to offer drive-up service, as well as some inside and patio seating at the newest Tommy's Burger. The business will employ about 10 people part-time, he said.