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Some 6,650 invitations have been sent to manufacturing companies that each have more than $5 million in annual sales and at least 100 employees to attend the first Utah Showcase sponsored by the Economic Development Corporation of Utah Oct. 15-17 in the Salt Lake Hilton Hotel.

This is the first such event to be held west of the Mississippi River, according to Rick Thrasher, EDCU president, and designed to acquaint chief executive officers with opportunities for expansion or relocation to Utah.He told members of the board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce there is room for 30 exhibits - 14 from communities and chambers of commerce, five for gold sponsors (those paying $4,000) and 11 for profit-making companies.

The cost to exhibit is $400 for not-for-profit EDCU members; $500 for profit-making EDCU members; $750 for not-for-profit nonmembers; and $1,000 for profit-making EDCU nonmem-bers.

Thrasher said other sponsorships are silver for $1,000 and bronze for $100. There will be speakers, seminars, tours, lunches, dinners and a special dinner hosted by Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Companies must pay their own way to Salt Lake City, but once they're here their expenses will be covered, Thrasher said.

He said many invitations went to businesses in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and California.