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The supermarket tabloid The Globe has been dismissed from a libel suit brought by former Salt Lake businessman J. Gary Sheets. The action leaves a freelance writer as the only remaining defendant.

The $2 million suit said Sheets was defamed in a 1989 story about singer Marie Osmond's financial losses from his failed CFS Financial Corp.U.S. District Judge Bruce S. Jenkins recently dismissed The Globe from the suit, leaving Laura Deni, a freelance contributor to the tabloid, as the lone defendant in the case.

The judge ruled Deni was not an employee of the Globe and that the newspaper was therefore not responsible for her actions.

Sheets claimed libel for an April 18, 1989, story that alleged that he had bilked the singer.

Sheets was indicted on 37 counts of mail, security and pension-fraud charges after CFS Financial failed. He was acquitted by a jury.

The article quoted Osmond as saying her family lost millions of dollars and had been brought to the verge of bankruptcy because of Sheets. Osmond denied making the statements.