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As a member of society, I have been accused of many things, some deserved, some not. I was recently accused of murder, humiliation, harassment and a host of other evils in Stuart McDonald's letter (Forum, Jan. 3).

I am constantly amazed at the limitless human capacity to shift blame for the uncomfortable circumstances of life and negative consequences of our choices to someone else. The uneducated blame their teachers and the school system; the poor man blames the rich man; the rapist blames the victim; the child abuser blames abusive parents and the homosexual community blames the majority of society for their psychological and physiological problems.When will people like McDonald show some backbone and accept responsibility for their own lives and futures?

Some recent Forum letters cite brain-chemical research to suggest that God may have made homosexuals the way they are. Because they supposedly can't help their sexual orientation, their behavior must be acceptable before God.

Is there a physiological cause to homosexuality? Maybe, in some cases. Is this behavior acceptable before God? Certainly not. The Almighty created male and female and commanded them to multiply and replenish the earth. All immorality is condemned by God.

But what about those who do not believe in God? Fine. Homosexual behavior is also an affront to nature. The drive to reproduce and continue the species is the strongest instinct in nature. This drive often overcomes the will to live in many species.

From a genetic perspective, homosexual behavior is a deviation that under normal evolutionary forces would become extinct or at least be rare. A gay society becomes an extinct society in a generation.

Venereal diseases have plagued mankind since before recorded time. HIV is merely the latest affliction threatening the health and life of those who engage in destructive personal behavior, whether it be homosexual, heterosexual or drug abuse in kind.

I wouldn't wish such a nasty disease on anyone, including the immoral, but don't blame society for your actions if the consequences are less than to your liking. Religious leaders have been trying to educate society about the dangers of nonmarital sex for thousands of years.

Yes, Mr. McDonald would have us believe the government is guilty of failing to educate. Knowledge is as close as the nearest Bible: the most published book in the history of mankind. I would say the gay community has had fair warning, wouldn't you?

Scott Page