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Government action


In its Jan. 19 meeting, the City Council:

- Received an environmental update from Hill AFB on minor chemical contamination of portions of Sunset and Clinton from the Tooele Army Depot Rail Shop on base. Test-ing is continuing, and there is no significant health dangers to residents from spills during the 1940s and 1950s.

- Received a report that the snowstorms from Christmas to mid-January cost the city three times the usual amount in snow-removal costs. Salt, sand and overtime pay cost the city nearly $8,000 during that period.

- Discussed the potential of serious staff reductions at Hill AFB later this year. Mayor Norm Sant said he doesn't believe state lawmakers realized the huge impact Hill has on the economy of Sunset and other nearby cities.

- Heard a report from an attorney for the Utah League of Cities and Towns that advised the city to be careful in closing its meetings to the public.

West Point

In its Jan. 26 meeting, the City Council:

- Named Roy Reynolds as the city's new maintenance employee, replacing Dale Egbert. Reynolds, who spent 20 years in the Air Force, will begin Feb. 1. He said customer service is his primary goal.

- Received a report from the Davis County Sheriff's Department on patrol work in the city during November and December. The office spent 410 patrol hours in November and 432 in December. There were 70 citations given in November, mostly parking violations. Three vehicles were burglarized in December.

- The Sheriff's Department stressed its commitment to enforce the no-parking ordinance on city streets during snow removal hours. However, citizens who believe they must park temporarily on the street should contact the department to be granted an exception.

- Received a report from Don Peay of the state underground water division on the cleanup of gasoline spills at the old Big Vern's Service Station, next to City Hall. The city will spend another $600 for a test well on the south side of 300 North to determine if any gasoline has moved south, where it could affect several homeowners. Peay believes this action could prevent lawsuits against the city and that within a year the gasoline spills would be cleaned up enough to satisfy state and federal regulations.

- Granted preliminary approval for New Hampton Manor, phase 3, a 12-lot subdivision in the area of 1050 N. 3000 West by Blake Hazen.

- Adopted a resolution on the privatization act with Davis-Weber Canal Company so the city can deal directly with the company and avoid involving the state public utilities commission.

- Appointed Vern L. Thurgood as a new city council member, replacing Ernest Millgate, who resigned last month. Thurgood would have to run for re-election this fall. His appointment means three of the city's five council members have now been appointed rather than elected.