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During the year 1992 this column reviewed 403 inventions by Utah in-ventors, for an average of 7.75 per week.

The medical nature of Utah inventions is once more exhibited in half of the patents issued by the United States Patent Office to Utah inventors.- Brent Madsen; Greg Slobodzian, both of Logan; Bill Kersey, Salt Lake City, and Brent Madsen, Providence. In an improved light-matrix display system, means are provided for programmed electrical contacts. Assigned to Integrated Systems Engineering, Logan. Filed April 1990 for reissue of patent 4,820,956.

- Cathy K. Brown, Sandy. A system for maintaining a clear visual field during endoscopic procedures. Filed Aug. 9, 1990. Patent 5,167,220.

- Dennis L. Parker, Centerville, and Duane D. Blatter, Salt Lake City. A method for obtaining measurements from which image data are obtained for providing a three-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) magnitude contrast angiogram of fluid flowing in a sample. Assigned to IHC Hospitals Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Aug. 7, 1990. Patent 5,167,232.

- Stephen C. Jacobsen; Barry K. Hanover; Eric M. Simon; Tomasz Petelenz, all of Salt Lake City, and Michael G. Mladejovsky, Murray. Multiple vesicle implantable drug-delivery system. Assigned to Sarcos Group, Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 9, 1990. Patent 5,167,625.

- Edward E. McCullough and Kevin W. McGaha, Brigham City. Apparatus for making beaded dental floss or the like. Filed Oct. 15, 1990. Patent 5,167,753.

- Dallas H. Solum, Salt Lake City, and Bruce C. Deming, Murray. A method of operating a rotary waste liquid distribution system for a filter bed. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston, Texas. Filed Aug. 28, 1991. Patent 5,167,833.

- Shih-Yee Kuo, Hyun-Sam Cho, and Jeffrey D. Bright, all of Salt Lake City. Titanium nitride coated silicon carbide materials with an interlayer resistant to carbon-diffusivity. Assigned to Norton Co., Worcester, Mass. Filed Dec. 17, 1990, a division of patent 5,008,132. Patent 5,167,943.

- Errol P. EerNisse, Salt Lake City; Roger W. Ward, Park City, and O. Lew Wood, Murray. Crystal resonator with low acceleration sensitivity and method of manufacturing the resonator. Assigned to Quartztronics Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 17, 1990, a division of patent 5,022,130. Patent 5,168,191.

Copies of patents are available by number for $3.00 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C. 20231.