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During these times of turmoil in the health-care industry, the Women's Center at Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital serves as a model in quality care, Lt. Gov. Olene Walker said at the center's dedication Friday.

"Aren't we entitled to quality care? This facility goes the extra mile and focuses on family-centered health care, including prevention, early detection and wellness programs. The programs mirror the values of the community it serves," said Walker.The state-of-the-art center was built to serve the booming southwest section of the Salt Lake Valley. It is the first part of a three-phase construction and renovation program at the hospital at 3580 W. 9000 South. The rooms reflect the center's commitment to care for women at all stages of life, including: birthing suites, a comprehensive breast-care program, gyne-col-ogical outpatient surgery facility and rooms for classes in stress management, parenting and nutrition.

"All too often, the health-care industry focuses on women's health needs as being limited to childbirth. Although childbirth is a primary concern of women in their child-bearing years, women do have other health-care concerns," Walker said.

Because women make most of the health-care decisions for their families, they need answers to all their health-related questions, she said.

Dr. Arlen K. Jarrett, an obstetrician/gynecologist who has been involved in the development of the center since its inception, described the center as a place where families are built - where women are treated with respect and compassion.

"Whether it's a young mother's first child or a loving addition to a family of five, the mother will feel comfortable delivering here," said Jarrett.

He thanked those who have contributed hundreds of hours planning, negotiating and imple-menting to make "our dream of a quality care facility for all women" materialize.

Dan Wolterman, president of Holy Cross Health Services of Utah, said the center serves the specific needs of the southwest Salt Lake Valley.

The Sisters of Holy Cross have a history of responding to the needs of the Salt Lake area community. Their mission in Utah began in 1875 when they founded a 12-room hospital to serve the city's miners. The miners paid $1 a month, entitling them to hospitalization if they needed it.

Over the years, The Sisters have become a valuable health-care asset in the region. The original hospital has expanded into a 200-bed facility - Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City. Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital was built in 1983. In 1986, Holy Cross Health System purchased St. Benedict's Hospital in Ogden. When access to health care in rural areas became a problem, primary and ambulatory care centers were established in towns such as Morgan and Park City.

"This is the right thing to do for this community, and I'm proud to be part of it," he said.