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So where can people with a yearning to whiz down snow-covered slopes go? Like J. Kenneth Davies, few cities or private property owners are willing to take on the risks associated with providing a place for people to sled. That rules outmost conveniently located spots within cities.

The Uinta National Forest does not have any designated tubing runs in nearby campgrounds.

"We discourage tubing in American Fork Canyon because of the conflicts with snowmobilers and cross-skiers," said Loyal Clark, forest spokeswoman.

But many people like to sled near Tibble Fork, she said. The Forest Service erected a fence with tires on it to prevent people from spilling onto the road near the campground.

While there are no designated sled hills, several spots in the forest are suitable for sledding - provided people understand they do so at their own risk.

"Our policy, whether you're hiking or whatever, is that people are recreating at their own risk," Clark said.

- There are several slopes off the Squaw Peak Road in Provo Canyon. Keep in mind, however, that Squaw Peak Road is a popular snowmobile route.

- Diamond Fork Canyon in Spanish Fork Canyon has several rolling hills that are generally safe for sledding.

- You can sled at the Dry Creek Trail head in Alpine.

- There are a number of good tubing areas in the Strawberry Valley.