When his baby sitter got mad and sent him to his room, an 11-year-old boy decided he wasn't about to sit there and pout.

So he crawled out his window and climbed up on the roof. Before long, Lorri Lee began hearing curious noises coming from the chimney."All of a sudden I hear, `Help! Help!' " she recalled. "I guess he climbed in!"

Lee ran outside and frantically looked up on the roof. Only the boy's head and arms were sticking out of the chimney. "He didn't seem scared. He was just stuck and couldn't get out."

Lee called the Sandy Fire Department, and the boy's rescuers quickly arrived - sirens and all. They raised their ladders and pulled him from the chimney.

"I really don't know what he was planning on doing. He probably just wanted to make me mad," Lee said.

A Salt Lake County deputy sheriff lectured the boy and told him if he tried that again, he'd come back and take him to juvenile detention.