"We're living in a new world," says President Clinton. Hope we got a longer warranty on it than we had on the last one.

- "We are moving in the right direction" in Somalia, Clinton says. Would that be out-by-outwest?- New polls show growing dislike of Clinton's handling of foreign policy. At least he hasn't announced his daughter is his adviser on nuclear weapons.

- Another mystery in Somalia: How could Mohamed Aidid hide from U.N. soldiers but be located by every journalist in east Africa?

- "It's easy to second-guess" decisions on foreign policy, Clinton says. Well, that was an overly simple way to say it. Wonder why he did that.

- "We made no deals to secure the release" of the U.S. soldier captured in Somalia, Clinton says. Should reporters check on secret arms sales to Aidid with profits going to Ollie North's Senate race?