The U.S. Senate has approved continued funding for the superconducting super collider. Utah citizens should be aware of the several reasons for halting SSC appropriations:

1. SSC project overruns could total $2 billion. This is unacceptable in our era of tightfisted federal fiscal management. Although approximately 20 percent of the baseline of $8.25 billion had been spent by August 1993, the federal government can still save more than $6 billion if the project is stopped now.2. The project is unpopular as evidenced by the 280 to 150 vote in the U.S. House of Representatives in June to kill SSC.

3. Deferring research to existing laboratories could negate the need for the SSC. The other laboratories include Brookhaven National Laboratory, which purchased $42.7 million in superconducting dipole magnets in 1992 for its relativistic heavy ion collider, the new continuous electron beam accelerator facility in Newport News, Va., and the Los Alamos Laboratory's particle accelerator at the Meson Physics Facility.

4. Only 25 percent of SSC's funding has been promised from foreign interests. And this share has not materialized.

5. Most importantly, continued funding of SSC through the U.S. Department of Energy becomes a nationwide drain on other programs, services and scientific research.

I agree with the words of former SSC supporter Pennsylvania Rep. Bob Walker who noted, "It may be time for the American taxpayer to fold 'em and walk away, possibly even run, to get out from the excessive burden, increasing cost, lack of international interest, and stretched-out production schedule that the Clinton administration is asking us to commit to."

Michael Lee Glenn