Gov. Leavitt and the Utah Legislature are attempting to give federal retirees a raw deal. Just pay us our refund now.

The way this issue is being given to the public in the media and by the state, it sounds like the federal retirees are trying to bilk the public out of extra funds, when actually the state government stole the funds from the retirees in the first place.It is our money we have paid to the state, and we want it back now. The state took this money illegally, and it has been proved in the courts that this is so. We retirees want back what we have paid into the state, paid back to us in full, plus interest as if it had been in a bank.

When the Legislature agreed to give the Utah state retirees a break on their taxes on their retirement income and charge federal retirees taxes on their retirement income, it was wrong.

I read the articles in the Deseret News for Sept. 16 and the editorial Sept. 17. These two articles make me and other retirees very upset with Leavitt and the Legislature and make us look like the "bad guys."

George A. Phelps