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The following recall notices appear in the October issue of Consumer Reports.

- '91-'93 Saturn (all models). If alternator shorts out, excessive heat could build up in wiring, creating fire hazard even if engine is off. 352,833 cars made 7/90 to 4/14/93. Have your dealer modify the wiring.- '92 Holiday Rambler Endeavor motor home. Electrical arcing could ignite liquid-propane gas. 135 motor homes made 10/92-3/93. Have dealer install grounding strip between LPG manifold and chassis frame.

- '89-90 Coachmen Crosscountry and Pathfinder motor homes. Safety belts may not provide adequate protection. Also, windshield-wiper switch on dash may not be illumimated, a violation of federal safety standards. 571 motor homes made 8/88-4/90. Have dealer replace washers on belts and install light over wiper switch.

- '90-92 Mercedes-Benz 500SL. Brakes could lose power assist, lengthening stopping distances. 14,300 cars made 9/89-8/92. Have dealer replace sensor in belt retractors.

- '90-93 Honda Accord station wagon. Outside rear safety belts may not provide adequate protection. 45,958 cars made 6/89-11/92. Have dealer replace sensor in belt retractors.

- '83-87 Honda Accord and Prelude. Road salt could corrode fuel-filler or breather pipe, creating fire hazard. 920,583 cars including '86-87 Accord, made 6/13/85-9/15/87, and '83-87 Prelude made 9/9/82-5/7/87. Have dealer inspect and, if necessary, replace fuel-system parts.

- Renolux child safety seats. May not provide adequate protection in sudden stop or accident. 133,640 seats, models GT2000 and GT5500 ("Turn-a-Tot"), made 1/92-1/93. Model designation and date of manufacture appear on label on seat. Phone company at (800) 206-4400 for additional padding and installation instructions.

- Fisher-Price Kiddiecraft Racing Rover car. Small part could come off and choke child. 100,000 toys sold '91-92. Car is bright yellow, with white and black dog in driver's seat. Pushing down dog's head makes car move forward. Top of dog's head poses choking hazard. For $10 refund, mail dog's plastic ears to Fisher-Price, Consumer Affairs, 646 Girard Ave., E. Aurora, N.Y. 14052.

- Fisher-Price Snuggle Light dolls. Child could choke on pom-pom on doll's cap. 420,000 dolls, models 1372 and 1373, sold since 2/92. Pink or blue doll, whose face lights up when body is squeezed, has free-swinging cap to which pom-pom is attached. Recall does not involve modified version of doll, whose cap is sewn to head so it can't swing. To get redesigned but unlighted doll, cut off pom-pom and product label and mail to Fisher-Price, Consumer Affairs, 636 Girard Ave., E. Aurora, N.Y. 14052.