With only three candidates running for three offices this November, elections here appear to be a foregone conclusion.

Mayor James Bean and Councilmen Hal Shuler and Clayton Creek are not seeking re-election to their posts. The unopposed candidates hoping to replace them in their four-year positions are:


Lynn Jacobson, 63, 287 E. Park Drive. He is a metallurgical engineer with a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University.

Jacobson said that water availability and growth are the main issues his city is facing right now. "Road improvement is another issue that we are facing," he said, adding that when the funding is right, the roads will be taken care of.

Town Council

Scot Sessions, 27, 179 N. Park Circle. He is a project manager with a high school diploma and one year of college.

Sessions said he thinks speeding is a major issue in his community. "The traffic is moving much faster than it should be." Sessions also said that town needs to undertake community beautification.

Jim Nicolet, 209 E. Park Drive, declined to comment.