Jerry W. Stevenson, 46, 1464 W. Gentile St., is a city councilman and is the business owner of J & J Nursery and Great Basin Turf Products. He majored in business economics at Utah State University and served 6 1/2 years on the Layton Planning Commission prior to serving two terms on the City Council.

He said his personal business has evolved to the point where he has more time to spend on other endeavors.Stevenson believes most of the problems in Layton today relate to infrastructure. He's particularly concerned about east- to west-side highway access problems. He said such problems are being addressed but perhaps not fast enough.

"This city cannot afford to sit back and wait," Stevenson said, referring to decisions relating to Layton's rapid growth.

He also wants to actively solicit businesses that will expand the city's tax base and provide better-paying jobs.

James J. Layton, is the incumbent. Layton, 60, 2796 E. 3575 North, is a farmer and retired educator with a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University and a master's in education administration from Utah State. He's seeking a second term as mayor.

As a retired citizen, he said, he has plenty of time to spend as mayor. "I want to serve the community another four years," he said. "A lot of good things have happened during this administration."

He said during the past four years, arts have been particularly enhanced in the city through various events.

Layton said he has a vested interest in the city and wants to continue to work on making it an inviting place. Getting more career, high-tech jobs in the city and a junior college in Davis County are two important parts of that effort.

He also takes credit for the U.S. Postal Service moving up its timetable to start construction on a new post office on Fairfield Road next year.

"I personally took that project on," he said.