A Ken Garff salesman told police he didn't like the looks of a potential customer who asked to test drive a 1989 Corvette convertible Saturday, so he left his wallet in his desk before going with the man.

The salesman's hunch proved correct when the man robbed him at gunpoint and threatened to kill him. The salesman escaped his attacker by jumping from the car near 400 S. State about 10:25 a.m.He was treated at LDS Hospital for ankle and rib injuries.

The bandit initially had approached the salesman on Friday about driving the car, but the dealership had closed for the night. The man returned in the morning and again requested a test drive, a Salt Lake police report says.

Several minutes into the ride, the driver pulled an automatic handgun from his pocket and held it to the salesman's head, saying, "If you do anything, I'll kill you."

The salesman told the man he was having a heart attack, but the man continued to drive around the downtown area with the gun held at the victim's back, chest or head, the report says.

The man demanded the salesman's money, but since he had left his wallet behind, he had only two or three coins. At one point, he noticed the bandit was distracted and grabbed for the gun. The two men wrestled and the salesman attempted to pull the trigger, but the gun wouldn't fire, the report says.

During the struggle, the salesman jumped from the car.

He described the man as clean, but with several days growth of beard. The bandit had said he was a drywaller and worked in downtown high-rise buildings. He also said he was from Chicago and wanted directions to I-80 west.