Ezequiel Ramirez had them rolling in the aisles in 2nd District Court, but it didn't stop the judge from having the last laugh and sending him to prison.

The confessed car thief got rave reviews - and a one-to-15 year booking in front of a captive audience at Point of the Mountain."He's been one of the most enjoyable and accommodating clients I've ever had," said public defender John Caine.

Ramirez, 25, of Ogden was on parole from Oregon for car theft when he stole a car Sept. 25 that was used in a robbery. Later that night, he stole another car.

He pleaded guilty to one second-degree felony and other charges were dismissed Thursday. Ramirez, apparently not wanting to keep his audience waiting, asked to be sentenced immediately.

"I pleaded guilty to the unlawfully operating a vehicle without the permission of the owner part, not the actual theft," he quipped, getting chuckles from spectators and court personnel as well.

"I like transportation," he said in grinning explanation. "I've always liked transportation. But I have a problem with using other people's transportation."

"We're all pleased you recognize you have a problem," said a smiling Judge Michael Lyon, who then imposed the prison sentence.