Two prison escapees are in custody in the Millard County Jail waiting for extradition to the Nevada State Prison. They were arrested in Utah after failing to pay for gasoline at a Delta service station.

Simon Behon, 27, and Edward Daris, 32, walked away from a Nevada Division of Forestry work detail in White Pine County, Nev., Nov. 7. After stealing a pickup truck, they drove across the Utah border. They fueled the vehicle in Delta and drove off without paying for the gas.Harts Service Station attendants reported the theft, and the escapees were arrested near Holden by Utah Highway Patrol trooper John Hinton and Millard County law enforcement officers Bill Jackson, John Kimball, Clayton Allred, Steve Allred and Robert Dekker.

Neither of the arrested men is an American citizen. Hinton said one is from Cuba and the other from Czechoslovakia.