Age: 58.

Where born: Ogden.

Family: Wife Ann and children David, Christine, Jacqueline, Cynthia, Rachel and Suzanne and 11 grandchildren.

Education: Brigham Young University: bachelor of engineering science in electrical engineering, 1959.

Primary products: Tax preparation software.

Primary markets: Headquarters in Kaysville with offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando, New York City and Chicago. Serves certified public accountants, attorneys, tax practitioners and banks.

Number of employees: 53.


First "real" job: Start-up yard-care service at age 9 with six regular customers.

Management style: Nurture empowered action teams.

Strategy for success: Work hard, work smart. Listen to customers. Be willing to make changes.

A memorable failure: An attempt to manufacture and sell X-Y plotters in 1967.

Heroes: Rex Lee, Ray Noorda and Daniel of the Old Testament.

Leisure time and hobbies: Cycling and good books.

Favorite book and movie: Book: "Ben Hur." Movie: "The Fountainhead."