A data transmission system, two chemical compounds and seven mechanical devices created by Utah inventors were recently awarded patents.

Copies of patents are available by number for $3.00 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington D.C. 20231. Abstracts are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.- Steven R. Redford, South Jordan; Haraldur Karlsson, Kingwood, Tex., and James T. Aumann, Salt Lake City. Method and apparatus for taking undisturbed core specimens from a formation. Assigned to Energy Ventures, Inc. Filed June 13, 1991. Patent 5,253,720.

- David R. Hall, Provo. High-performance bearing pad for thrust bearing. Assigned to Anadrill, Inc., Houston, Tex. Filed Nov. 22, 1991. Patent 5,253,939.

- Christine P. Stokes, Hooper. A method of applying paint to the surface of an object to be decorated using a hypodermic syringe. Filed May 18, 1984. Patent 5,253,942.

- Donald C. Kilgrow, Monticello, and Melvin H. Petersen, Salt Lake City. An improved vehicle tire deflator. Filed Mar. 27, 1992. Patent 5,253,950.

- Donna J. Rock, Riverton. Resilient arm-exercising device for attachment to a stationary support such as a treadmill. Filed June 27, 1992. Patent 5,254,064.

- Darrel Palmer, Sandy, and William R. Houghton, Midvale. A liquid and physiological debris-aspirating apparatus. Assigned to Ballard Medical Products, Draper. Filed July 31, 1992. Patent 5,254,086.

- Larry Rigby; Erick Steckel, both of Salt Lake City, and Dixon Ford, Farmington. A multifunctional endoscopic probe apparatus. Assigned to Alton Dean Medical, Woods Cross. Filed Mar. 17, 1992. Patent 5,254,117.

- Robert Koch, West Jordan. A double salt complex formed from the reaction of a procaine salt with a vitamin acid. Filed Sep. 25, 1992, a continuation-in-part of application May 4, 1987 and a division of patent 5,162,344. Patent 5,254,686.

- Bryon A. Hunter, Alpine. Method for preparing stearically hindered aryl phosphates. Assigned to Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc., Middlebury, Conn. Filed Aug. 24, 1992, a continuation of application Dec. 8, 1989. Patent 5,254,709.

- Paul D. Israelsen, North Logan. Progressive transmission of vector quantized data. Assigned to Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., Atlanta, Ga. Filed Nov. 19, 1991. Patent 5,254,090.