The union representing 7,600 Los Angeles police officers has called on its members to begin two days of sickouts early next week because of a contract dispute.

Leaders of the Los Angeles Police Protective League said they are angry that the city has refused to grant police officers 9 percent raises, the same amount awarded to striking Department of Water and Power workers in September.Under the sickout or "blue flu," officers will be called on to report sick every other shift. That would force the city to approve thousands of overtime hours to maintain its regular patrol strength.

The union is expected to detail its plans at a news conference Monday.

Police Chief Willie Williams called the plan a "very foolish move," though he expressed sympathy for the officers who have gone without a raise for more than two years.

The proposed action also has alarmed city leaders, who said they are concerned about public safety.

Union president Dave Zeigler maintains the job action will not endanger the public or reduce the number of officers on the street because earlier shifts will remain on duty to cover for officers who call in sick.

The union this week also offered free advertisements in its union newspaper, "Thin Blue Line," to other police departments that want to recruit Los Angeles police officers.