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With the score tied 1-1, Youngstown State and Marshall will play for the third straight year to determine the champion of NCAA Division I-AA.

Youngstown beat Marshall 25-17 to win the 1991 national title, and Marshall got even with a 31-28 victory last year.A rubber match was assured when Youngstown (12-2) beat Idaho 35-16 and Marshall (11-3) edged Troy State 24-21.

In the semifinal, Tamron Smith scored twice for the Penguins on runs of 2 and 7 yards in a game played in a wind chill factor of minus-2.

"The weather hurt us a lot . . . but the whole third quarter we killed ourselves with penalties," Idaho coach John L. Smith said.

The Vandals (11-3) led 16-14 at halftime but were held scoreless in the second half.