It hardly seems possible, with signs of the record snowfall still on the ground, that tennis season should be under way - but it is.

And the highlight of the season locally is always the Utah versus BYU matchup, which happens to take place this Friday in the Utes' Eccles Tennis Center. It always has been and likely will forever be a match based as much on emotion as talent. Which always seems to override records and favored status.The past few years the Utes have dominated the meetings. Utah has been near the top of the Western Athletic Conference, while BYU has been struggling through injuries and rebuilding. That could change this year because, consensus is, BYU is a much better team.

The match will start at 6 p.m. and is open and free to the public.

Leading the Utah sixsome will be transfer student Toby Curtis, a tall 6-foot-4 junior from Southend, England. Curtis has an overall record of 9-3 and a growing reputation as one of the WAC's top players.

Across the net will be BYU's Mark Quinney, a senior from Eugene, Ore. Back in November, Quinney won the Rolex Intercollegiate Tennis Championships at the Eccles Center, a tournament that featured many of the WAC teams.

Local tennis fans will be interested in some of the local talent that will be on the courts.

Jeff Weichers, a senior from Salt Lake City, will likely play in the No. 2 spot for the Utes. Weichers' record stands at 7-4.

For the Cougars, Alta High School grad and former 4A champion, Micah Rideout, will play at the top of the lineup. He will also team up with Quinney as the No. 1 doubles team for BYU.