When Leo Wilking had trouble sleeping, he went downstairs at 3 a.m. to watch a little TV. He figured the blanket-draped figure sleeping on the couch was his wife.

A nudge to wake her as he headed back upstairs to bed early Wednesday uncovered his mistake. The figure didn't wake up, but rolled over, revealing a head of black hair. Mrs. Wilking has light brown hair.Wilking called police to pick up the slumbering stranger for trespassing. Arriving officers woke Monte Christlieb, 36, who said he thought he was at his own home, more than a mile away.

After a night of drinking, a friend drove Christlieb to what he thought was his house, he said. He went inside and fell asleep on the couch.

Wilking said the front door usually was locked but had been left unlocked because he knew his wife would be home late.

Christlieb was charged with misdemeanor trespass and possession of a small amount of marijuana.