The gays and lesbians I know are all caring, sensitive, artistic, good people. Somehow it seems they are more caring and sensitive, and often more artistic, than the rest of us.

However, they are sexually attracted to members of their own sex. A gay man would be just as likely to be sexually aroused in a shower with several other men as I would be in a shower with several women.I don't think it's fair to the gays or the heterosexuals to mix them. We might just as well mix all men and women in the military. It's the same principle, but the way things are going, maybe that's next.

In all this furor over lifting the ban on gays in the military, where is the consideration for the heterosexual and his (or her) right to privacy? Aren't we all entitled to some privacy from the opposite sex? Can't we, then, also expect privacy from someone with an opposite sexual orientation?

With sincere respect for the gay people I know, I admit to having mixed feelings. I want them to enjoy their own individual rights, but not at the expense of my rights. There just has to be some separation of the sexes and, logically, it only follows there should also be some separation of sexual orientations as well.

Bruce E. Holmes

Salt Lake City