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CRASH: German police said a U.S. military helicopter crashed upon landing Tuesday at a base in western Germany, killing four soldiers and injuring the other four aboard, a police spokesman said. The spokesman said the cause of the crash at the U.S. Wiesbaden-Eberheim U.S. air base could not be established immediately.

FREED: A Californian who spent more than three years in jail for marijuana possession was freed Wednesday after the Malaysian supreme court overturned his conviction. Kerry Lane Wiley, 40, of Sacramento, was hugged by his mother after the unanimous decision from the three judges. "I am happy," Wiley said. "I have wasted three years, three months and about 20 days. I want to go back."

GORBACHEV: Communist hard-liners wrapped up a mock trial of Mikhail Gorbachev, sentencing him to be stripped of all titles and awards, including his Nobel Peace Prize, and asking foreign governments to boycott the former Soviet leader. The self-styled "People's Public Tribunal" - made up of former Soviet officials and attended largely by elderly, graying Communists bitter about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the loss of their own power and prestige - depicted Gorbachev as a saboteur who set out deliberately to bring about the downfall of the old order.

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MILKEN: Michael Milken has prostate cancer but says he's optimistic about a recovery. The 46-year-old former junk-bond financier said in a statement Tuesday that a sensitive new blood test detected the disease during a physical he underwent shortly after his Jan. 3 release from prison. Milken was sentenced to 10 years in prison and paid more than $1.1 billion in fines after pleading guilty in 1990 to securities crimes. In August his sentence was cut to two years for his cooperation with prosecutors.

SHOOTING: A Florida father and his 8-year-old stepson were tied up and shot to death by two intruders who also wounded the man's fleeing wife and young child, police said. The intruders smashed through a sliding glass door on a backyard patio early Tuesday in Miramar, north of Miami, police said. After the shootings, they fled in the family Jeep, taking the man's wallet and items from the woman's purse.