Local government

West PointIn its Feb. 23 meeting, the City Council:

- Received the Davis County Sheriff's Department report for January work in the city. There were nine citations, two arrests, 46 detective hours and 379 patrol hours. The mayor said he'd like to see more citations issued, though. Residents were also warned to be wary of various snow removal deals and be sure they understand what's expected and the costs before work begins.

- Agreed to donate $20 to help Lisa Steed, a Syracuse Junior High student, travel to China.

- Voted against selling lots in the new section of the cemetery, opting for the sale of all the lots in the original section first.

- Approved an agreement with Nancy and Margo Van Beckum for remodeling of the former Big Vern's service station next to City Hall for a beauty shop. The city owns the station and will rent out the building. The beauty shop is expected to open later this spring.

- Tabled discussion of a waterline extension on 1800 North to serve Jim Aland's eight-lot subdivision and the Bennett Greenhouses, pending further study.

- Clarified the city's definition of a corner lot to be at least 20 feet wide in front and 30 feet deep on city roads, instead of just 50 total feet on the two sides.


In its Feb. 23 meeting, the City Council:

- Adopted an ordinance expanding the city's Planning Commission from seven to eight members. This means the City Council representative will not have to vote, since the council believes that can sometimes create conflicts of interest.

- Approved a five-year capital improvement plan. It includes various road projects and a new City Hall.

- Adopted the budget review schedule for the 1993-94 budget. The first public hearing will be May 11 and the final one on June 22.

- Announced the city cleanup will be March 8-12. Residents should not place large portions of concrete or construction materials out for city crews to pick up. Burnable and non-burnable materials should also be separated.


In its Feb. 23 meeting, the City Council:

- Heard an annual report from the Syracuse Historical Commission. A new book on the history of the city is still being written, and the commission would like some special events planned for the Syracuse Centennial in 1995.

- Learned the Public Works Department has replaced 36 of 64 storm drain grates with improved grids that have smaller openings to prevent children's bicycle tires from sliding into them. A child last year was injured in such an accident. The three public works employees, Blaine McDermott, Bryon Yamane and Wayne King were honored by the city for their work to replace the grates, one that also saved the city more than a third of what it would have cost for a company to revamp the grates.

- Approved the city cleanup for March 29 to April 2, for residents on the south side of 1700 South and for April 5-10 for residents on the north side of 1700.

- Voted to contribute $70 to Dan Graham, a Syracuse member of a Weber State University singing group.

- Awarded a contract of $679,904 to Dale Cox construction for a water reservoir on Hill AFB property. The project is phase two of the city's culinary water upgrade. The bid was more than $100,000 less than any others. Construction should begin later this spring.

- Council member Dana Love expressed concern over faded street signs in the city. Mike Moyes, city manager, said he's checking to determine if replacement or repainting is the cheapest option for the old signs.

- Accepted names for possible chairmen on the city's centennial celebration committee.

- Learned the Syracuse Youth Council will attend a convention in Logan March 11-13.

- Discussed periodic complaints received about the city's recreation program and how they should be addressed. Mike Jones, council member, said he thinks it's time the city look into having a full-time recreation director.


At its Feb. 23 meeting, the City Council:

- Authorized a $100 donation to the Special Olympics program.

- Authorized the mayor to sign an agreement for UDOT to relocate the Clearfield secondary waterline from Kays Creek. UDOT will pay for the relocation, necessary for the new highway interchange at U-193 and Highway 89.

- Granted preliminary approval to resolutions establishing two separate areas in the city as redevelopment project areas. One area is 96 acres in the 700 South area of Freeport Park to I-15 and the other is 96 acres on 1700 South from the Freeport to 1000 West.

- Set public hearings for Tuesday, March 30, 7:15 and 7:30 p.m., to officially approve the two RDA projects.