A Salt Lake man told police he was raped Tuesday by another man whom he'd met five years earlier at a mutual friend's funeral.

The suspect called the man Tuesday night, said he was in town and reminded the man he had invited him to call when he was in Salt Lake City. He appeared to know a lot about the man, but he told police he didn't remember meeting him.Nevertheless, the man, 48, invited the suspect to his Central City apartment. When the guest began smoking in the apartment, the man asked him to do so outside on the balcony. The 6-foot 4-inch, 300-pound suspect became angry, threw the man down and threatened to kill him, a Salt Lake police report states.

The man was raped and sodomized and the suspect continually threatened to kill him. He didn't report the rape until the next day because he was afraid of the stigma of being a male rape victim, police said.