Halfway to the 100-day mark, and what has President Clinton accomplished?

Well, the new president has succeeded in switching the political clocks of the nation's capital to CST - Clinton Standard Time. That's about one hour later than Eastern Standard Time.However you keep time, Wednes-day is Clinton's 50th day in the White House, and some people are seizing the chance to make a snap assessment of his administration.

"I've always thought it was pretty ridiculous to look at the first 100 days," said Stephen Hess, a presidential scholar. "I guess looking at the first 50 days is something like ridiculous squared or absurd to the second power."

With that in mind, here's a less than reverent look at the budding presidency:

A telling episode of The First 50 Days came when Chelsea Clinton felt ill at Sidwell Friends School and the school nurse needed to phone a parent. "You'd better call my dad," the presidential daughter advised. "My mom's busy."

Another memorable moment came when Bill and Hillary Clinton - double-dating with Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper - went to a suburban nightclub to hear country music singer Jerry Jeff Walker. Practically everybody in town wishes they could have seen the first couple's faces when Walker sang a trademark song, "Trashy Women."

Then there was the Saturday that president went on TV. Imagine you're 6 years old, munching on a chocolate Pop Tart, and expecting to tune into "Scooby Doo" and unwind after a stressful week in first grade. Instead you find two grownup guys in helmet haircuts - Clinton and ABC anchorman Peter Jennings - talking like your teacher. Well, zap, that's why mom lets you use the remote control.

In his first 50 days, Clinton has come close to getting himself - if not the country - on track. With even Senate Republicans chipping in $250, a privately funded presidential running track is likely to be completed a lot sooner than national health-care reform.

The White House track will not only ease the strain on Clinton's knees but prevent the traffic tie-ups that have also marked the first 50 days of a jogging presidency.