Sludges, like cake mixes, have their differences.

And those differences have put Moroni Feed Co.'s processing plant, which handles more than 4 million turkeys each year, and Moroni City, which has several hundred sewer hookups, in a bind.They're in a bind because both utilize the city's wastewater treatment plant and neither meets government mandates on sludge disposal or pre-treatment of waste.

The processing plant currently accounts for 90 percent of the treatment plant's sludge, but the household waste, on the other hand, requires additional treatment.

"We're on the horns of a dilemma," a Moroni Feed Co. officer said. It's a dilemma that needs solution because of government mandate and possible fines.

One temporary solution, discussed by Moroni Feed officers and city officials, would have the city's licensed employees continue to operate the facility and The Feed Co. provide the maintenance.