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Here's another look into some of the zany happenings in local morning radio:

"Ron and Allen" of KBER celebrated their first anniversary together Thursday, March 18. They had a party at a local club and not only claimed they'd be wearing diapers to the event, but offered special recognition for anyone at the party who hit them in the face with a birthday cake . . . "Jon and Dan" on KLZX celebrated St. Patrick's Day this week with a contest for a trip to Ireland . . . "Fisher and Todd" of KISN-FM discussed the numerous offbeat laws on the books of many cities and states around the nation . . . "McCormick and Scotty" continued to air little stunts like "Where's Wally?" and invited listeners to call in with their answers . . . KVRI had an interesting feature this week, the "Polka Monster Challenge." The music alone was a real attention getter . . . Kevin Stanfield filled in for Ken Simmons on KKAT earlier this week, and "Kim" from Sandy was the instant song-of-the-day winner Wednesday when she was the 10th caller and received $102 . . . "Fisher and Todd" on KISN-FM made a "Candid Phone Call" to a tattoo establishment Wednesday. The only problem was they kept getting hung up on, even though they called back at least three times asking if they could bring an uncooperative girlfriend in to have a tattoo fixed while she was asleep.- KMXB-FM (alias "Mix 107.5") - The station is teaming up with the Utah Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society for the 1993 MS Walk, Saturday, March 27, 10 a.m. KMXB will have its own team in the walk, with Danny Jessop, Robin Morales, Tom Bock and Ceci Williams. Station personalities Randy Stewart and Loie Jones will man the rest station. Registration forms for the walk are available at area malls, convenience stores and Smith's stores along the Wasatch Front. Call the MS Society at 575-8500 for more information.

- KLGG-FM - Charles D. Hall and Robert S. Davis of Nephi have entered into an agreement to purchase KLGG (FM-95.7, Delta) from TGWM Co. of Delta. The amount of the sale has not been released, but the station is likely to continue its country music, local news, sports and weather format. Call letters will likely change, though.

Hall already owns KYKN (FM-92.7) in Nephi, and the Delta station will remain in Delta, serving Millard County under its new owners as early as mid-April.

- KSL radio (AM-1160), KSL-TV, Cellular One and Car Tow have announced a new emergency roadside service that will travel I-15 and I-215 during the morning and evening rush hours, looking for motorists who are in need of minor repairs.

The service will operate weekdays from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. and again from 4:30 to 6 p.m., offering one gallon of gasoline, flat tire changing service, a jump-start or lock-out services.

The KSL radio traffic report will be in constant communication with the roadside service, which will be named by the public in a contest that continues until March 26. The winner, to be announced April 2, will receive a flip phone, one month of free airtime and a prize from KSL.

- KUER (FM-90.1) - "Living on Earth," the weekly half-hour environmental program (Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m.), is having a "Living on Earth Making a Difference Contest," complete with special programming.

The show is asking listeners to imagine they are the president of the United States and write in 500 words or less what they would do to make a difference in the environment during 1993. The contest is open to all ages, with prizes for adults (10-day tropical expedition) and youths ($1,000 savings bond). Entries can be written or recorded on audio cassette tape or DAT. All entries must be postmarked by May 1. Call KUER for more contest details at 581-6778.

In addition, all "Living on Earth" programming during April will profile the environmental success stories of U.S. neighborhoods.