Unfortunately, the media no longer feel it a newsworthy topic but the decision is now final. A significant portion of Wayne Court is to be demolished this spring.

I hope the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox community is proud that nothing swayed it from its course. It is shocking that a group like that, with such great pride in its sense of heritage, would be so nonchalant about the destruction of this tiny community. I guess we now have proof that "no one is going to tell them what to do."I am a Wayne Court resident, and I write this because a basic issue is unnoticed, ignored, overlooked or misrepresented. I agree, the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church isn't responsible for Salt Lake City's shortage of low-income housing. It is responsible for destroying something far more valuable and rare than housing, and this shouldn't be forgotten: It destroyed a "neighborhood."

The church had alternate plans offered that would have provided it with greater convenience, easier access and more space than current storage, but not as convenient as something out the church's back door.

Rent increases will account for loss of revenue; this ensures a regular cash flow and a convenient warehouse. I wonder how much I'll have to pay in rent before this isn't "low-income housing" anymore.

This particular situation wasn't about low-income housing or the "desperate need" for storage; it was about convenience.

Francis C. Fecteau

Salt Lake City