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I would like to respond to Carol Goode's letter to the editor published Feb. 24, wherein she styles herself as a nice-looking black woman of 28 years who was annoyed and offended with being asked whether she were from out of state.

I was equally annoyed that she exhibits such bad manners and feelings of superiority. A more mature person in her situation would be gracious to those being kind to her, and I believe it very unfair to characterize Utah as a "pretty ignorant state that thrives on stereotypes."I have lived as a minority most of my life, and I am not at all offended by people asking me where I am from. In almost all cases, this question is well-meaning and a friendly gesture or icebreaker.

It appears to me that Carol is the one who should "pull her head out of the sand and take a course in sensitivity." Carol would benefit enormously by a trip to Asia where she might learn a thing or two about stereotypes. I wonder how she would stereotype the Chinese, the Taiwanese, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Singaporeans, the Filipinos?

Patrick Tang

St. George