Frank Sanguinetti, founding director of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, is the recipient of the 1993 Madeleine Award for Distinguished Service to the Arts and Humanities. The award is given in conjunction with the Madeleine Festival, sponsored every spring by the Cathedral of the Madeleine.

Sanguinetti came to the University of Utah as director of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in 1967, when the entire collection was housed on the third floor of the Park Building. His tireless fund raising, advocacy of the visual arts and building of the art collection have resulted in one of the finest display and teaching museums of its kind. His leadership has resulted in the UMFA's accreditation by the American Museum Association (1972) and in 1977 the museum was admitted to the American Museum Association of Art Museum Directors, an honor shared by only the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford, and UCLA in the West.He has been successful in securing prestigious exhibitions, and sending exhibitions from Utah elsewhere, including the National Gallery. Under his leadership, services developed at the museum feature a full range of public services, including visits from thousands of Utah school children.

A native of Arizona, Sanguinetti studied art and taught at the University of Arizona and headed the Tucson Museum and Art Center for a time before coming to Utah.

- ARLY G. CURTZ, formerly deputy director of the Utah Arts Council, has returned to Utah as executive director of the Bountiful/Davis Art Center. Born and raised in Utah, he attended the University of Utah and did graduate studies in museum administration at the University of Michigan before holding professional assignments in East Tennessee and Oregon. He left Utah in 1985 to head the Wisconsin Arts Board in Madison.