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Although Utah's centennial is still three years away, projects and ideas are already being developed for the observance in Millard County, and some key committee chairman appointments have been announced.

The celebration will be especially hailed in Millard because it was the seat of the first Territorial Statehouse. The building still stands and houses a museum.Officials said committee members will continue to serve through 1997 because of the sesquicentennial celebration of the Days of `47.

Those appointed as chairmen, and their assignments, include Connie Tolbert, Utah Statehood Ball; Scott Bassett, state and regional history fairs, school participation and county logo contest; Thorpe Waddingham on the state level and Karolyn Warnick on the local level, coordinating activities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Sylvia Huntsman, other church activities and flag project; Jer'E Brinkerhoff, Utah-bred horse racing.

Warnick will also identify historic homes and prepare tour maps. Waddingham represents Millard County on the state committee.

Additional assignments include Valyn Dutson, historical parades, town celebrations and reunions; Matt Sheridan, museum specials, Mountain Men Rendezvous, and handcart and/or wagon reenactment treks; Lorene Smith, cultural events; Robyn Pearson and Frank Thomas, county fair building historical mural; Gwen Hunter, pioneer dancing clubs and oral history project; Lorene Smith, newspaper stories about historic events in Millard County; Dathel Whitaker and Rula Christensen, antique quilt show; and Lana Moon, state fair booth.

Among special activities will be a Utah Statehood Ball on Jan. 4, 1996, at the Statehouse Museum and other balls; developing a county flag and flying state flags on all state and federal flagpoles; riding and walking tours using audio cassettes; festivals; a Utah art show; a mural painted by artists of the area; a quilt show featuring quilts from throughout the state to be hung in the Statehouse Museum; and displaying centennial banners in Fillmore and Delta and possibly in some of the smaller communities.

It is anticipated that ESPN cable television will cover racing events on July 4.

Committee members also hope a special legislative session can be held in Fillmore during January or February of the centennial year, with schoolchildren dressed in pioneer clothing presenting bills.