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Here is a list of actions on bills before the Utah Legislature. Bill sponsors are in parentheses.

House bills passedHB166 (Goodfellow) - Authorizes cities to hire ordinance enforcement officers.

HB171 (Olsen) - Requires that state agencies compensate private land owners when their actions interfere with or take private property.

HB176 (Shepherd) - Makes technical amendments to motor vehicle laws.

HB184 (M. Stephens) - Modifies qualifications for executive director of the Department of Health.

HB205 (Bishop) - Provides that the existing 1/2 percent transient room tax may be used to develop, operate and maintain Utah tourist, recreation, cultural and convention facilities.

HB251 (Tuttle) - Allows the use of deadly force to apprehend escapees.

HB278 (Garn) - Provides for stricter control of the use of tax increment financing and eminent domain, and provides for a property owner's Bill of Rights.

HB352 (Bishop) - Modifies Utah laws concerning caucuses, conventions, primary elections and the general election process.

Senate bills passed

SB109 (Barlow) - Allows counties to impose a one-tenth of one percent sales tax to encourage the development of botanical, cultural and zoological organizations.

SB120 (Rees) - Provides that certain persons holding a security interest in contaminated property are not considered responsible parties in cleanup cases.

SB128 (Blackham) - Makes technical corrections to the Community and Economic Development Code.

SB139 (Stephenson) - Amends the Employment Security Act to bring it into compliance with other state laws, among other changes.

SB149 (Hillyard) - Amends definitions regarding professional corporations to include persons licensed to practice in nursing professions.

SB159 (Hillyard) - Creates a method to tax regulated investment companies.

SB161 (Money) - Gives Workers Compensation benefits to members of the National Guard.

SB165 (Watson) - Creates a method to determine population estimates for smaller cities for the distribution of transportation and alcohol funds.

SB172 (Hillyard) - Clarifies the exemption of aviation fuel from state sales taxes.

SB174 (Baird) - Makes judicial performance requirements more explicit and clarifies requirements regarding the distribution of information about judicial performance.

SB178 (W. Richards) - Adds automobile homicide to the list of prior offenses used to enhance drunken driving penalties.

SB179 (Hillyard) - Adopts federal taxable income before net operating loss and special deductions as the starting point for corporate franchise and corporate income taxes.

SB196 (Blackham) - Amends the powers, duties and rulemaking authority of the Soil Conservation Commission.

SB201 (Montgomery) - Requires county assessors to appraise county-assessed property on a recurring basis.

SB214 (Rees) - Requires bond legislation to contain operation cost estimates of funded projects, and authorizes the issuance of general obligation bonds for buildings, parks, water projects and other state programs.

SB218 (McAllister) - Revises accounting principles and reporting procedures for state government.

SB219 (Rees) - Modifies requirements for triggering a municipal disconnection.