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With a blend of corn and canola oils, Mazola Right Blend offers a light, delicate flavor with low saturated fat content. The 32-ounce bottle retails for $2.09.

Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 14-4): "It's really hard to tell much difference between this oil and other similar ones like Crisco and Wesson. I'm told corn oil is supposed to taste a little better, but we couldn't really distinguish any difference. We have used more canola oil lately and are pleased that it's part of Right Blend. It does seem to be a quality product."Edyth Jensen (married, two children and two grandchildren at home): "This is a good oil, but I don't find that much difference in it than the one I normally use. This has one gram less fat than my brand but that is about the only difference I can find. I will probably use it once in awhile."

Nihla Lake (married, four children at home): "What is the best way to test oil? By weight - 10-40 or by lubricating properties?

"We really liked this oil. We tried it to fry chicken in and also in a packaged cake mix. It is very light and flavorful. We'll use it all the time especially because of the lower fat content."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, four teenage boys at home): "I've been using a different brand, and I'm going to switch over to Mazola Right Blend. This has less saturated fat. My triglycerides are high, so I need to watch fat content. I especially liked the fact that the Mazola cooking oil splattered less than the other brand I had been using."

Rich Firmage (married, three children, oldest 8-years-old): "Oil is oil. I stir-fried with Mazola Right Blend, and deep-fried and baked with it, but I couldn't taste any difference. We buy low- or no-fat oil, we buy it by the gallon and we usually buy the cheapest. I can't tell the difference in any of them. If Mazola fits the criteria, I'll buy it."

Bill Allred (single): "What do I know from oil? The only ones I generally use are olive oil (extra virgin) and WD-40. Mazola Right Blend didn't taste as good in my salad dressing as olive oil, but it was way better than WD-40. I also used it in a stir-fry. It didn't burn and tasted fine."

Conclusion: Many of our testers couldn't tell a difference with this new oil. Others said it splattered less and one gram less fat was a selling point. This call is up to you!