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The Pleasant Grove mayor and City Council members in their Jan. 19 meeting expressed "hesitancy to speak to the media because of past experiences" and because of incidents which resulted in "misrepresentations of facts."

Apparently the city fathers of Pleasant Grove want to conduct their business in secret. News articles I have read in the "media" and personal experiences with them might indicate why.For example, there was an ambulance on an emergency run that ran out of gas less than two miles after leaving the station; there were donations from secret sources to city funds - with unexplained future costs or favors from the city; there are many books that have been lost from the city library due to lax security; and in zoning matters, there was the seven-stall horse barn in downtown Pleasant Grove and the "variance" to allow a new two-acre construction equipment yard for the mayor's uncles right in the middle of a residential zone next to my father's house.

My attorney has visited the city offices to get minutes of meetings where these conditions were set, but these minutes had been "lost." We all have read much about the city allowing development where the "city knew about water problems in the area" but let homes with basements be built there anyway, and the basements get flooded year after year.

I can certainly see why the city fathers have a hesitancy to "speak to the media because of past experiences." I can also see why Richard Nixon didn't appreciate the media much either. Please keep up the good work, media.

Sherman L. Fugal